RadVentures' internet site is designed to introduce Yetti Monoski recreational equipment, keep viewers  updated on the latest events and technical information, and profile monoskiers who compete internationally using these products.

This website for Fire Mountain Foods was designed to provide an online marketing tool and information resource for recipes and product information relating to the companies fine Jalapeno chile relish products.


eRugCenter.com is a online retail store for the finest of oriental and Persian rugs. This low cost FrontPage site was developed to augment an eBay online auction site and has matured into a fully functional sales outlet updated and maintained by the customer's staff using FrontPage.


Alltrack Industries internet site is designed to introduce a revolutionary new tracked utility vehicle to the construction and agricultural industries. Full specifications of all models available and easy navigation provide a tightly integrated site.

Underwood Hardwood

Underwood Hardwood's site was a showcase to introduce the client's showroom featuring an extensive line of European hardwood flooring & products. (Business has closed and the site is no longer available)


Aquatic Site Technologies is a budget catalog site designed to introduce their line of water slides and pool accessories. The client wanted a low cost, easy to read site that would illustrate the line.

Web site preliminary designs for the Oregon Native American Business and Entrepreneurial Network that was planned to market native American handcrafts and artwork. The site was never completed due to administration changes in the company.

Preliminary Photoshop design for Forza Automotive. A classic automobile restoration business hoping to attract a broader base of customers utilizing the internet. The site was never completed.