The Vision


Transform and extend the Virtual Workspace 2.0 code to run in 2D, VR, AR and XR environments supporting the Nvidia Omniverse, a virtual environment the company describes as a “metaverse” for engineers.

Browser Based Upgrade
VDN Stage One
Installing existing VDN 2.0 software and new hardware onto cloud servers. Making it availble to every desktop and tablet for multipoint collaboration and video conferencing after upgrading the various drivers and codecs to connect the services.
Extend VDN Virtual Workspace into the VR/AR realm.
VDN Stage Two
Incorporate the entire Virtual Workspace tool set to seamlessly operate with the Nvidia Omniverse, a virtual collaboration pipeline that allows engineers to collaborate. It was inspired by the science fiction concept of the metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected
Expand the Virtual Workspace to the XR realm
VDN Stage Three
Combines all the viewers with a complete toolset for review, modification and approval processes.This stage includes fully interactive control for any participant in the session
Expanding the Range of Services
VDN Stage Four
The final stage is the building of a global network connected by the VirtualDesign Network Hubs in every major metropolitan center, with the high bandwidth services and hardware to support real time worldwide collaboration.

Give Us Your Feedback.... We're looking for partners and funding to re-boot the VirtualDesign Network

We see hundreds of application areas for a fully collaborative SaaS codebase incorporating CAD/CAM and  mixed reality projects.


This software suite would provide a common pipeline for any development process and safely allow wide spread collaboration among designers and clients, and expidite production in every field.