The VirtualDesign Network
The potential for virtual design solutions is advancing and being incorporated at such a rapid pace today. We believe that acceptance of the technology is now broad enough to ensure a clear advantage to those who provide integrated solutions across corporate bounderies as well as international  real time collaboration and design.

Slideshow Presentation for the 2002 version of the VirtualDesign network's Virtual Workspace suite.


The illustration below is a prototype rendering for one of VirtualDesign Network's Metropoliton Data Centers. The concept enables the placement of a new structure atop any multi-story parking garage. A low cost, central location in any city.


Give Us Your Feedback.... We're looking for partners and funding to re-boot the VirtualDesign Network

We see hundreds of application areas for mixed reality projects. This software suite would provide a common pipeline for any development process and safely allow wide spread collaboration among clients and production in every field.

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Robert Ebert

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