VirtualDesign Network

Plans for re-booting the SaaS VDN Virtual Workspaces 2.0  suite as an  AR/AR/XR extended application suite.


We have a complete copy of the VirtualDesign.Net 2.0 software on six DLTtape IV 40GB digital tapes.


Total investment to deliver version 2.0 was $5.6 million and about 35,000 man hours to complete.

Funding information from 2002 business plan presentation

The entire suite of services focuses on the needs of designers and builders of every kind.

  These browser based tools included real-time review and markup of documentation, multi-point video-audio conferencing. Collaborative, cloud based, persistent workspaces for the creation and editing of all design media content.


Fully compatible with most 2D and 3D graphics formats and most CAD documents, DVD and web content production tools, secure document management, multi-user real-time markup, approval and distribution.


  We provided all of the online tools and technologies that media and design people need to participate in Twenty-First Century technology in one package, allowing them to continue their best work without losing sight of their familiar production values, tools and techniques.


Through a focused vision of this market, we can parlay our understanding of their needs and this very compact and fast software suite into a highly profitable browser based AR, MR and VR application available as a subscription service

The Beginning
The Genesis Group
The beginning of the Virtual Workspace concept in 1980, Tigard, Oregon
Started the actual development of the Viirtual Workspace,. 1998, Portland, Oregon
Virtual Workspaces
Articles of interest with more information on the creation of the software.

Virtual Workspaces 2.0 Major Functions

The VDN Virtual Workspace is designed to bring the benefits of real time collaboration across all phases of the design and production processes of every manufacturer and builder.

Realtime multi-user review and mark-up of major CAD/CAM and business software packages
Realtime Video Collaboration over 168 bit encrypted VPN up to 50 users
Secure multi-user and multi-vendor cloud storage of project files and data
Full user control of project scheduling and access permissions

We see hundreds of application areas for mixed reality projects. This software suite would provide a common pipeline for any development process and safely allow wide spread collaboration among clients and production in every field.